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Proven Nutrition For Dogs Today, And For A Lifetime

From the very first day, you’ve helped your dog become the best he can be. With the proven nutrition of Purina ONE, you’ll see visible differences from Day ONE, from mealtime excitement to healthy energy and strong muscles, including a healthy heart. You can join the nearly two million pet owners who have taken the 28-Day Challenge and see those differences for yourself.

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Purina ONE® Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food
GREAT DOG FOOD!!!: 5 out of 5My dogs love this food. My German Shepherd goes crazy for it, all I have to say is “are you hungry” and she starts barking and drooling! My Wolfhound is the most pickiest eater ever and this is the only food he will eat. And then my other 3 dogs gobble it up as well! Never had an issue with this brand. Been feeding it for YEARS! Thank you Purina!
— Gintaro7
Purina ONE® +Plus Healthy Puppy
TOP OF THE LINE INGREDIENTS: 5 out of 5With high quality ingredients, this food is always a popular choice at home with my 2 dogs. I can honestly say that their bowls are always cleaned empty!
— Alex1971